November 28, 2010

So proud to announce that the IRS has officially approved The Michael G. Santos Foundation. Michael wrote a blog about the Foundation, which I have posted below. More details soon…

Prison Journal: Day 8,504 by Michael G. Santos

I am proud to announce that the Internal Revenue Service has granted The Michael G. Santos Foundation official status as a public charity with its 501(c)(3) designation. My friend Justin Paperny coordinated the non-profit organization as a vehicle to distribute my work free of charge to intended recipients. With the Foundation’s official status as a non-profit corporation, it has authority from the IRS to receive tax-deductible donations

The funds that the Michael G. Santos Foundation receives will pay for the production and distribution of books I write. In time, the foundation also will cover the costs of educational programs that we will offer for the purpose of reducing recidivism, preparing offenders for successful reentry as law-abiding citizens, and helping at-risk adolescents make choices that lead to fulfilling, contributing lives.

I’ve been working with Justin since last February to prepare the necessary documents for the foundation. I do not have any official affiliation with the Foundation; in compliance with the regulations of federal prison camps, I limit my role to writing content. We will rely upon the Foundation to distribute copies of Success! The Straight-A Guide; Prison! My 8,344th Day; Earning Freedom; and other books that I will write in 2011. We will distribute the books to prisons, jails, and centers where at-risk adolescents congregate.

I consider the Foundation’s receiving official designation from the IRS a big deal. It assist efforts Justin and I make to contribute to the lives of others. I’m confident that we can help society in significant ways through our work. In the months to come, I will assist Justin in preparing a new Web site for the Foundation and in any other ways possible to contribute to its success.

Should you have any interest in helping with this organization, please contact my friend Justin Paperny through his Web site until the Web site becomes live (probably in January, 2011).

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

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