It’s 2 weeks and out and now I’m starting to do things in here for the last time, which is a great feeling, to be able to say that something is the last time I will do it in Prison, great feeling.  So here’s my first “last”, my last trip to the commissary I did today, this is very exciting for me because I really don’t enjoy going to the commissary and buying the basic necessities that I need to exist in here.  O resent the need to buy healthy food to eat because we don’t get enough food in here to live on and most of it is unhealthy.  I feel badly that many of the prisoners don’t have the money for commissary to fill their basic needs and have to depend on other things.  We are in a work camp and the money we make doesn’t pay enough for some base food items.  I can go on about that but will save it.  Back to me good news, my last commissary visit was a lovely visit indeed.  Hopefully over the next several days the “last” things will start coming in heavy, can’t wait for my last night in the bunk that will be the best one.

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