March 8, 2015

Letter to My Son

I have written a number a letters to you since this all started but I have not sent you any. When you were born, I had the Red Wings Game on in your Mother’s hospital Room. (Perhaps that is why you love hockey?) You were a great baby. You rarely cried and enjoyed just about everything that came your way. You developed a bit of a stubborn streak by the time you went to pre-school. You had an over-developed vocabulary and you had no problem using it! You would get into the car after school and proclaim that you did not want to run any errands. You were a good student and an excellent athlete. You were elected president of your class but failed to mention it to us. You led your baseball team to the state tournament when you were 10 years old. I remember your first hockey tournament in Cleveland like it was yesterday. I remember your last hockey Tournament in Oak Park when you were 18 and won the Midget AA Championship. (nice goal) I remember dropping you off at college on that warm September afternoon.

The last few years have been difficult to say the least. The loss of your brother was devastating for all of us. Just when you thought things could not get any worse, they did. I will never forget the shock and disappointment in your eyes when I told you about my crime. You had to drop out of college because of me. You lost your home because of me. You lost your dog because of me. You lost the security of your family because of me. A normal person would have crumbled under such adversity. Somehow, You have managed to work your way through it. You are back in college! You have somehow buried the anger and resentment you have towards me and we are working on repairing out Father-Son relationship.(Difficult thing to do when your Dad is in prison). I know you have suffered very much. I know I have embarrassed you to no end.

I just wanted you to know that I love you. I also want you to know that once I leave this place, I am going to do everything in my power to be the best father I can be. I am so proud of you. I hope that someday in the future, you can once again be proud of me.

Ken Flaska

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