Houston we have a problem, troubling news at Camp fed this morning, the camp mascot is MIA.  There is a really pretty golden yellow tabby cat that lives on the base with us and is the camp pet/mascot.  this cat is taken better care of by the inmates than the inmates.  She has run of the compound, they have built a “house” for her, completely weather proofed and she gets fed at least twice a day by the inmates.  This cat is pampered and spoiled silly.  It’s amazing how so many of the guys love this cat and go out of their way to make sure she is well taken care of.  Believe me she knows it too, she goes running to the men who are always her care givers, one of our in house doctors feeds her every morning, usually right after our breakfast call, and she waits for him by the door, follows him to her “house” and he proceeds to shower some love and give her her food.  Like wise with the night shift.  This morning doc was very, very upset she was not waiting for him, he searched high and low to no avail, he was like a little kid who’s lost his best friend.  I know this will not be good news to many of the guys, I hope that she is ok and turns up, but in my 5 months here this is the first time she’s gone MIA, not a good sign.

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