Memorial Day in Pensacola.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend. It was always the kickoff to summer in my old hometown in Michigan.

I just finished my first full week in Pensacola and I am getting acclimated to the compound. Unlike Jesup, Pensacola looks more like a military institution than a prison. The physical properties of the compound somehow make you feel less confined. (the lack of a double fence topped with razor wire also contributes to the ambiance).

I have already met several interesting white collar guys. Tim, is a former hedge fund owner from Palm Beach. He is here for making unauthorized loans to his personal trust after He suffered losses in the European Natural gas markets. He is new to prison and I am attempting to share my list of prison survival skills with him in an effort to get him up to speed. The first few weeks in prison are very difficult as I vividly recall.

William is another new acquaintance. He was a hedge fund manager in New York. He illegally withdrew money from the fund He was managing. He is serving a 13 year sentence. (big dollar loss). His wife now lives in a condo in Ft. Lauderdale with their children and they visit every month. Funny thing is that I met William several years ago at an Etchells sailing regatta in Miami known as the Jaguar Cup. I did not remember him but He said a common sailing friend introduced us at a local yacht club, and that He remembered Me as soon as He saw me. (small world)
Lately, I am feeling a bit isolated. After being in prison for almost 2 years, people tend to forget about you. “Out of sight, out of mind”? I discussed this with a couple of other prisoners and they agreed that the 2 year mark is when outside contact really begins to decline. The cure for this issue is simply to mail out some more letters and send some more emails to let people know I am still alive. I miss my family very much. I miss my remaining friends every day. Lets be honest, I miss my former friends who terminated their relationship with Me because of my poor choices.
Prison is not a good place.

Ken Flaska

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