More Questions.

My friend at CNBC had several more questions that I will attempt to answer here.


I was told early on that maintaining a schedule in prison helps time pass. I setup a weekday schedule and a weekend schedule which I try to follow on a fairly religious basis. One of the biggest challenges for me is to maintain my mental edge in a non-intellectual environment. It is easy to erode to the level of your environment and your peers in prison. To combat the decline, I do many different things.

1. I send at least one email a day to family or friends to stay in touch with the real world.
2. I send at least four letters a month to family and friends.
3. I use all of my monthly phone minutes (300) talking with my family.
4. I read approximately two books each week. Since entering prison, I have read 117 books so I now consider myself well read.
5. I watch approximately 30-45 minutes of television each day. I watch the news and 10 minutes of ESPN so I can keep up with the teams in my old home town.
6. I do two Sudoku puzzles each day. They enhance cognitive function.(at least the cover of the puzzle book says that !)
7. I try to use appropriate manners and language at all times when I communicate with other prisoners and the staff. I do not want to walk out of here swearing up a storm and lacking common courtesies. (It would be very easy to do).
8. I take at least two classes offered on the compound each quarter to remain academically engaged. I am also working in the computer lab on Excel and PowerPoint.
9. I also devote an hour each day to physical fitness since i need to leave here in decent shape to embark on a new career of some sort at an age when most people are retiring.
10 I write 2 blogs each week. Sometimes that is a simple task. Other times it is quite difficult. (146 blogs to date!)

Staying busy in Jesup!

P.S. If you have a question, pass it along and perhaps Justin can forward it to me so I can try and reply.

Ken Flaska

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