July 4, 2015

My first 4th of July in prison

My first 4th of July in prison. A special meal, extra movies, a basketball tournament and popcorn. The special activities do little to mask the apathetic mood of the compound. Holidays are always difficult behind the fence. I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time reflecting back to earlier 4th of July holidays. I recall images from my childhood in a vivid fashion. It is amazing the details you can recall about your family and friends on such special days. That is why holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are so difficult here. Well, enough doom and gloom. I spent the last few days looking for “Facts” to share with you that you can use to spice up any conversation. Here are a few that I uncovered;

  1. The safest place to sit on a jet airliner is the middle seat at the rear of the plane. (I always wanted an isle in row 3?)
  2. The Baltimore Ravens have the best home field advantage in all of professional sports. They win 78 % of their home games. The Dallas Cowboys have the worst home field advantage in all of professional sports winning at a 54 % clip at home.
  3. Short Repeated bouts of high intensity exercise are most effective for losing weight.
  4. The highest concentration of single people in the United States are located in Detroit, Austin and Los Angeles.
  5. The average distance of a major league home run is 398 feet.
  6. One of the best jobs for the future is an audiologist. Good pay, high growth (baby boomers) and low stress.
  7. The healthiest vegetable to eat is watercress.
  8. Through age 44, the biggest risk you face is death by accident. (be careful!)
  9. A police officer dies every 77 hours in the United States.(Hug a cop)
  10. The two most deadly creatures in the world are the Mosquito and the Snail. The Mosquito spreads various deadly diseases and cause 755,000 deaths a year, The snail carries a deadly parasite that kills 200,000 people a year. Sharks kill less than 100 people a year. (pass the bug spray.)

Have a Good Holiday.

Ken Flaska

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