Today was a quiet day. It was 65 degrees with a slight breeze. The weather this week has been perfect, certainly the best in over two months. After sleeping in – I usually wake up at 4:30 A.M.- I skipped breakfast in the chow hall. I decided to take the day off from exercising. I had run five straight days and felt I earned a day of rest.

Around 11 A.M. I called my friend Brad to wish him a happy birthday but to no avail. For the first time in a month, the phones were not working. Once again, I’ve managed my phone minutes poorly. It’s strange. I successfully co-managed well in excess of a hundred million dollars as a financial professional. Yet, I’m unable to budget 300 phone minutes.

My monthly commissary budget is a whole other issue. Prison rules cap spending at the commissary at $290 dollars a month. Where does the money go? I’m not sure. With two shopping weeks remaining, I have $60.00 in spending limit remaining. Prison has taught me perspective. Millions of people have lost their homes and jobs. Some cannot afford to feed their family. I’m in no position to complain about anything nor should I. Inmates are provided with everything at Taft Camp, including plenty of food in the chow hall.

Around 4 P.M. I wrote two letters to my mom and one to my dad. Then at 7 P.M. I played game of chess (lost) and wrote a blog. After that I finished reading Obamanomics and continued reading Plato’s Republic.

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