I have always been fascinated by numbers, how they really do tell a complete story about everything and how most things can be reduced to numbers. Numbers can be massaged and redone and made to do and say so many different things to so many different people, they can be a ray of light or a cloud of darkness, it all depends what gets done with them and who does it.

In here, its all about the numbers, how many beds can be filled, how many inmates can be moved thru the system, how much does each prisoner cost, how to maximize their value to the system, how may counts to call, how many meals get served, how many inspections, how many COs, etc etc. For the inmates it’s the same, how many months, weeks, days, hours & minutes do they have left to serve, that’s the most essential numbers for us. For me I have played with numbers all throughout this stay, how many meals, how many days of work, how many counts, how many books read, etc etc. My big one is the number 22, days i have left, and it continues to go down.

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