I can attest to the fact that once you reach prison, You are always hoping to find a way to get out, as soon as possible!

In Federal Prison, where parole no longer exists, options for early release are quite limited. With good conduct, a prisoner can earn a credit of 47 days per year. (I know the statute says 54 days a year but the BOP interprets 54 to mean 47).

Another avenue to leave early is the Residential Drug and Alcohol Program. (RDAP). To qualify for RDAP, a prisoner must have a documented drug or alcohol problem within the year prior to their conviction. Prisoners who successfully complete RDAP receive a one year sentence reduction. (It can be less if your sentence is less than 36 months).

I recently learned about another way to shave a few months off a sentence that every prisoner is free to pursue. The Non-Residential Drug and Alcohol Program (a/k/a 40 hour program) is open to all prisoners regardless of whether they have a documented drug or alcohol issue. The program requires a commitment of 40 hours over several months. Upon successful completion of the program. a prisoner is eligible for maximum halfway house placement.

“Each Warden is strongly encouraged to approve inmates who successfully complete the Non-Residential drug abuse program for the Maximum period of RRC (halfway house) placement.”

BOP Policy Statement

2.4.8 (B).

Prisoners looking to shorten their stay in prison should seriously consider this option.

On the personal side, I am doing all right. Time seems to moving slowly so I have added more commitments to my daily routine to try and fill the hours with semi-meaningful activities.

I need to give a special shout out to Cousin Peter (not really my cousin) for sending Me a wonderful sailing book that I truly enjoyed. Of course, I lost the envelope the book arrived in and I did not have Cousin Peter’s address to send a proper thank-you note.

Peter, the book made Me think about sailing with your Cousin, and my friend, Brian aboard his sailboat, aptly named “Confusion”. I should probably share some “Confusion” sailing adventures with all of you because they are truly hilarious.

Hanging in!

Ken Flaska

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