Prison Sounds and Worries

5:45 am, April 3, 2015, jesup, GA. I woke up at 5:15 am this morning because my cellie’s “snore reduction machine” is making a high pitched howling sound and I cannot go back to sleep. I listen too the early morning sounds of prison that echo through our unit. Besides the high pitched howl of the machine, I hear toilets flushing, microwaves beeping, plastic mop buckets being dragged across the floor, guys yelling in the stairwell, alarm clocks ringing, P.A. System announcements, Guys passing gas, Guys spiting in sinks, Guys blowing their noses, and the occasional banging of a metal locker. Suddenly, the correction officer walks in and announces stand up fog count (an extra count of prisoners as a result of foggy weather). Everyone leaps out of bed and stands by their bunks to be counted. Oh well, my day has started. Today is my Son’s birthday. I made him a card but did not mail it because I did not want to embarrass him at school with mail that has a prison return address.

( prisoner mail must show your prison I.D. number and the name of the correctional institution ). I am going to call him later today and wish him a happy birthday. We will talk about Spartan final four basketball and Red Wing hockey. I am proud of him. He has taken dramatic blows over the past several years (his brothers death and my crime) and He has bounced back. He is doing well in school and has graciously accepted the severe consequences caused by the sins of his father.

Prison-crazy morning sounds you could never imagine at home!

Prison-where your return address prevents you from saying what you really want to say!

Ken Flaska

p.s. Happy Birthday Son!

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