I have been asked many times in the last several days what I was going to do first when I got out or what have I missed most since I’ve been in and I have an instant answer, I miss my privacy the most and the first thing I want to do when I get out is take a hot, steamy, PRIVATE shower in my own exceedingly clean bathroom.  Without a doubt, aside from the loss of freedom, is the loss of privacy that I have felt the most.  I have never had to share a space, a really confined space with over 400 men, this has been an experience to remember for sure.  One doesn’t realize how the Moment you walk into the prison environment you instantly lose your privacy, from the strip search at your processing to the constant interaction with the other inmates and prison employees and COs there is never ever any alone time.  There is no spot in this place where you can be alone, no spot where you can be in a quiet solitary spot ever, and it’s this way 24/7 for you’re entire stay.  Between the living extremely cramped living quarters, the eating quarters, the bathroom spaces and the common areas you are always with other people, always.  I have learned to deal with just about everything else in here but this one is still a hurdle I don’t think I will ever be comfortable with.  The good news is that in 32 days it wont matter anymore, please, days, go faster!

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