Thursday, January 5, 2012

Read Lessons From Prison

I just chatted with a man who is in a jam I know to well. He is preparing to surrender to prison for a sentence that will keep him locked up for 15 months and 21 days. When he called, however, he had no idea that was how long he would serve. His judge sentenced him to 18-months. He presumed he would spend exactly that long confined. I explained to him the difference between half way house, good time, home confinement, second chance act, and other issues that could shorten a prison term.

Clearly, my friend is in the most awkward stage. As he makes plans to surrender to prison he feels as if his life is on hold, suspended. To a degree it is. I encouraged him to read a copy of my book, Lessons From Prison. I also directed him to the daily writings and books from Michael Santos. As a reminder, my second tip suggested spending time on Michael’s website.

I derive a sense of satisfaction when I spend the time helping others prepare for their journey. I can relate to all his emotions that are threatening to swallow him whole. He is going to do fine, in part, because he is preparing, taking charge of the situation. Reading my book will help.

Justin Paperny

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