Reading has been one of the saving graces for me here at Camp Fed, without the books, magazines and newspapers I have read and continue to read there is no way I could have made it thus far. Since my term started I have read over 45 books in 5 months. I cant begin to count the magazines and newspapers, but it’s a lot. Many, many hours have been spent with some good reading taking me away from here on a daily basis, thank goodness.

The key to prison for all who are unfortunate enough to be incarcerated is eating up time. It’s not about time management but time killing. Many guys have different ways they do it, some sleep away more than half the day, some stay in the TV rooms more than half the day, some exercise like crazy, (there are very few of them), some hang in cliques and BS all day, some(very few)spend most of the day trying to review their case and create motions and appeals, some play cards, some are always looking for the next “party”, some write and sadly some wander around aimlessly looking for something to do and someone to do it with. Some do a combination of all and there are some that are productive, working on trying to improve their lot in life and to be prepared to be the best they can be when they get out. Unfortunately for the latter group there is very little help given here, they are left to their own devices and rely on books and periodicals they receive form their friends and families and from the books that are available here. I wish there were more being done to help these inmates who have seen the light and want more for themselves and don’t ever want to come back. It is not the case and I really think it should be.

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