March 29, 2015


I just got off the phone with my wife. She relayed a story to me the shows the difficulty associated with remaining friends with a felon. One of our dearest friends was at a social function and ran in to a former friend of mine, Valerie,(a known gossip). Valerie stated to our friend that I was trying to “redeem” myself in prison by blogging for my family and friends. Valerie did not like the idea of redemption for someone like me. Our friend proceeded to express her dissatisfaction with Valerie’s statements. Our friend was placed in an uncomfortable position of having to defend me at a social function that was supposed to be a fun event. Once again, I owe someone an apology for suffering the consequences of being my friend despite my situation. With regards to Valerie, there is very little to say. I was hoping a new event in my hometown would have occurred by now that would have transferred her attention to new gossip material. Apparently not! With reference to Valerie’s opinion that I am trying to “redeem” myself from prison, she is clearly mistaken. To redeem myself, I have to “atone and make amends” for my actions from behind the fence. I cannot do that. I did try and atone and make amends before I got here. Once I leave prison, you can rest assured that I will try and redeem myself again. I have an obligation to do so to my family, my remaining friends, my ex-colleagues, and my former clients. It is simply the right thing to do. Apparently, Valerie believes that I cannot atone or make amends for my sins, and if i try to do so I am committing another bad act? Funny thing is, Valerie claims to be a Christian, and Christians are supposed to forgive others who sin? No matter, the people who are going to forgive me already have. Those who cannot forgive me are entitled to their beliefs. I do not expect them to forgive me. Yes Valerie, I am going to try and redeem myself once I leave here, and if that presents a problem for you, I apologize, in advance.

Ken Flaska

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