April 25, 2013

Since returning from Dayton Ohio two weeks ago, I have been working non-stop. In addition, to working with two new consulting clients, I have been busy securing new speaking events. Several events have been confirmed, including my trip to Chicago to speak at Reyes Holdings on May 7th & May 8th.  Reyes Holdings is an impressive, global brand that distributes a variety of food and beverages around the world. I will speak to leaders on their sales team. Additionally, each executive will receive a copy of Ethics in Motion.

I also received an inquiry about my story from an established, reputable production company in Europe. We have already had conversation, and next week we are planning to speak again.

In addition to the aforementioned, I am proudly making progress with the Michael G. Santos Foundation, the org I lead. With recent support from The California Wellness Foundation and the Sierra Health Foundation, we are embarking on a new initiative in Stockton, CA. More details to come.

This Sunday, or April 28, will mark five years since my surrender to Taft Federal Prison Camp. Five years. Wow! Has it been that long? I am grateful for the many opportunities that have opened since those early, troubling days of being a prisoner.

Justin Paperny

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