April 14, 2014

Rough Day in Federal Prison

Well, today is not a very good day in prison. My Cellie’s “snore prevention device” is malfunctioning and making a loud whistling sound in our 7 x 10 cube. In the real world, you would simply get up and move to another room to sleep. In prison, you simply grin and bear it! I can barely keep my eyes open today. Outside of the fence, things are not any better. My wife is having surgery today. My support is limited to making a phone call telling her I love her and wishing her good luck. I am clearly not fulfilling my duties as a husband while I sit here in federal prison. Yet another consequence of making poor choices. My guilt is eased a bit by the fact that one of my wife’s incredible friends is staying with her during her recovery. (Nurse Ratchet a/k/a Suzanne)

Last week, one of the prison chaplains discussed marriage vows and how they are affected by prison. The Chaplin reminded several divorced prisoners that while their wives did take them for “better or worse” and for “richer and poorer”, they did not take them in anticipation of being in federal prison. I am blessed. My wife is taking me at my “worst” and at my “poorest” while I pass my days in federal prison.

Ken Flaska

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