Today and tomorrow are my days off and on these two days I have to find various other activities to take up my time instead of work.  Usually when the weather is cooperative this isn’t too much of a challenge, I just spend more time outside walking or schmoozing with the guys, unfortunately, today the weather is not cooperating.  Talk about crazy weather patterns here in the northeast, yesterday it was in the 50’s, this morning we already have a couple of inches of fresh snow on the ground and it’s below 32 degrees, go figure.  This puts a crimp into my routines for productive time use, what with the current weather as it is and my walk going down the tubes, this will force the cancellation of my golf game, our tennis matches and and the inter-prison polo game, rough scheduling day.  And with the weather forcing all indoors that means I probably wont be able to get a massage appointment or use the tanning beds either.  I imagine that the poetry reading and art history classes will be filled as well and the planned seminar of “nature verses nurture” and the benefits of of a vegan diet will be overly crowded.  I will try to muddle through with some extra reading and writing today and tomorrow is another day.

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