Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seven Days Until My Release From Taft Federal Prison Camp

We have a very pleasant officer who works in my housing Unit at Taft Camp.  She just disbursed the mail and I am pleased to have received an email message that editors at G Living magazine sent to me. The editor requested a copy of my new book, Lessons From Prison for review.

My mother has been overwhelmed with all of the work I’ve been sending home and I don’t know how well she has been able to keep up.  I have only one more Tuesday to serve in prison, however, and upon my release I will relieve my dear mother from all these responsibilities.  If she has not yet had an opportunity to send them a copy of the book to G Living, I will do so when I get home and make myself available for an interview.

The transition to society will come easily for me, as my experience at Taft has been much less traumatic than I would have expected from a prison term.  Part of the reason for that easy adjustment has been that the staff members who preside over Taft Camp are really quite friendly, courteous and respectful.  My counselor in my housing unit was Mrs. Mickelberry who worked together with my case manager, Ms. Oliver.  I want to express gratitude for the kindness they showed in always treating me with civility.

Yesterday I met Eric, a new reader who had been reading my blog before he self-surrendered.  Today, Cliff, another blog reader will be reporting.  I hope to help both of these men adjust.   One piece of advice I can give them is that if they keep a low profile, perform their duties as staff assigns them, and keep from whining, their time will pass easily.  As I wrote yesterday, even in here it’s wise to think about ten, ten, ten.  To overcome the challenges in our lives, we must consider how our decisions will influence us in ten minutes, ten months and ten years.

One thing I know is that in fewer than ten days, I will no longer live as a prisoner.

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