This blog is a departure from the norm because today is my 17th wedding anniversary and I am thousands of miles away in a Federal prison in Texas. If anyone thinks that being separated from your family and being locked in prison is the absolute worst, then I submit to you that the true hardship is felt not by the incarcerated but rather the family still at home. You see a prison sentence does not just punish the prisoner but his whole family. Now I am not advocating leniency for all criminals in prison, but I have seen way too many men, husbands and fathers of non-violent crimes separated from their families needlessly. America’s commitment to mass incarceration has become a warehouse of men and has left a path of destruction in its wake with wives and children as the true victims.

I may be physically separated on this; my 17th wedding anniversary, but no prison walls nor barbed wire fence can imprison my love and commitment to my wife and family.

So this blog is for all to read but is written to only one person, my beautiful bride, my wife, the mother of my children, and my soul mate.

I love you honey.



My seventeenth wedding anniversary is today

But I wont be home, I’m far, far away


Seventeen years? But it seems like yesterday

The day all our family and friends came to stay


Laughter and good fun was had by all

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday that September if I recall


It was a day I pledged my love and devotion

To a woman who is still the source of my emotion


I said “ I do” and she replied in kind

This most beautiful woman, body and mind


A contract was signed that day in September

With my life partner and I as its charter member


“Would you do it again?” I have heard many query

To which I reply, ” A million times over, without hesitation or worry.”


You see when true love is found the commitment is just the start

For the meaning of true love is found in your heart


Seventeen years later and between us, many miles

My loves keeps on growing, the mere thought of “US” brings smiles


So I’ll say it again like I did at the start

I will love you forever, till death do us part.


Happy Anniversary

I love you honey.

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