Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sixty-Six Days Until My Release From Federal Prison

The spring weather has come to Taft and each sunrise intensifies my feelings that I’ll soon be leaving these boundaries behind.  It’s just more than two more months before my release.  My family and I truly look forward to our reunion at home.  I’m especially excited to meet my little niece, Clover, who was born on my birthday this year, January 22nd.

Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon visiting with my mother and step-father.  My mom and Ken have not married yet, but he already feels like family to me.  I’m grateful that both of my parents are enjoying happy and fulfilling relationships as they are wonderful people who deserve all the goodness that life has to offer.  This past year of my confinement has not been easy on any of the people who love and care about me.  Ironically, though, my prison experience has seemed to bring us all closer together as a family. I felt stronger in knowing they are pulling for me to endure; as if I were carrying a burden of confinement, but many loved me, and their love helped lighten the load.

I’m feeling much better, much more free.  It may be the sunshine that has returned.  Spring does not officially begin for another week, but I feel it in the air.  Hope and optimism has come with it.  As prisoners approach their release date a new anxiety comes with  it.  In my case it’s an eagerness, an anticipation that I don’t know the words to describe.  I’m waking earlier in the morning, and some aspects of the day feel like weeks. I see the hours passing, though, and I know I’m closer to home.  It’s a fever, a spring fever, and in 66 days it will break.  Hoo Hah!

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