I think it has finally happened for me, the point where no matter what happens or goes on in the camp I can say in stride, F__K IT!  I have been told by many of the inmates that have been here for a longer time, like 18 months of longer, that this is the essential point of view to get along in here, without this attitude the experience is way too stressful, ages you and takes too much from you.  It has taken me 5 and a half months to get here, and I’m not sure if I’m even here all the way but I see this is so true.  I intend to relish this knew perspective for my last 17 days, I hope this is really my new perspective and not a passing hiccup in my anal retentive character, because it does but a little bit more sense into this prison life and helps to see the craziness that dictates the ebb and flow of the camp.  So we have no hot water again today, F–K It, the food this afternoon was inedible, F–K IT, The COs are busting our chops more so this week than last, F–k IT!  There, that does feel a lot better than obsessing about it all and I’m sure with this new attitude the time will pass faster and make my remaining 17 days a lot easier, if not, F–K IT!

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