July 22, 2015

It seems that everyone has a blog these days. Nevertheless, while I may be late the blogosphere, I’m joining their ranks and I’m glad you decided to follow along.

“Writing a blog was the most valuable thing I did while in prison,” said a friend of mine who served 15 month for securities fraud. He went on to explain: “It gave me a chance to stay in touch with my family and friends, share my experiences and develop new ideas that led to publishing a book and ultimately an entirely new career.”

My goals are more modest. I simply asked myself the question, “Do I have anything worthwhile to say?” After polling a few friends and family—all of whom were very polite and encouraging no matter what they really thought—I decided that at least one person might read what I write. With the scientific study complete, and the fact that I will have some “free time” in the coming months, I decided to move forward and find my inner-Hemingway.

One of two things will likely happen, either a) this will be a great adventure, I’ll gather a huge online following, and sell the movie rights or b) I’ll get bored of writing, you’ll get bored of reading, and this project will be swept into the dustbin of the internet. I’m fine with with either outcome.

I write about a few things of meaning to me.

  1. Most importantly this blog will serve as a way to communicate with all of you with whom I want to stay in touch while I’m away. I hope to be able to give you some insight into my experience as I move through the criminal justice system and how that has both affected my life and the observations I’ve made along the way.
  2. Related, but not exactly connected, is my interest in socioeconomics and—now—how that intersects with the criminal justice system. I believe I have a unique vantage point having grown up with very modest means, reaching what many would say is the pinnacle of economic success and now my experience going to prison. I hope my observations can lead to some insights about our our culture, our American system of economics and specifically how that affects those who have been convicted of felonies.
  3. I am also developing a slightly more technical series of articles to help those that find themselves caught up in a criminal investigation like I was. My goal is simply to make the process a bit easier for them and for their families. I could have used a resource that told me what to expect. To reach those that need some support I’ve teamed up with EtikaLLC.com. Etika LLC is an organization run by Justin Paperny that assists those who have been indicted and are likely facing time in prison. Justin has been an invaluable resource to me over the last several years and I’m hoping that I can provide a little help to others the way he has to me.

With all that in mind, I began writing. First, while I was home and then later while serving my time at “camp.” I promise not to inundate you with boring posts about what I ate for breakfast but rather keep it as thought provoking and informative as possible. I would love your feedback, input and questions—don’t hesitate to write back!


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