Smiling in the Back Row

It has been almost 2 months since I self surrendered to federal prison in Texas.  I would like to report that I am getting used to things but I have made a promise to myself to NEVER get used to the prison lifestyle. Believe me when I tell you there is nothing...

Recalculating Route to Destination

Have you ever used a GPS device to navigate from point A to point B?  At the beginning of your trip you plug in the desired destination and "voila" up pops the best route and estimated driving tine.  Now you’re in the car and the GPS's synthetic woman’s voice is...


This blog is a departure from the norm because today is my 17th wedding anniversary and I am thousands of miles away in a Federal prison in Texas. If anyone thinks that being separated from your family and being locked in prison is the absolute worst, then I submit to...


It's 3:00pm.  I'm in my room, putting pen to paper. Outside in the open hall of the housing unit there is a deafening cacophony of voices, yelling, talking, playing cards and dominos. Around the corner stands a line of men 50 deep waiting on mail call. People stand at...

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