February 13, 2013

In addition to lecturing on the motivations of white-collar crime, I run a non-profit foundation.  I enjoy the challenge of building a sustainable foundation that transforms the lives of those who enter the program. I named the Michael G. Santos Foundation after my close friend, Michael Santos, who was just released from prison after serving 25-years.  I lack the space or time to go into his remarkable journey. To learn more, I direct you to MichaelSantos.net, or his facebook page.

Last week, I had the privilege of listening to Michael give his first lecture in front of about 500 students at Berkeley’s Law School. His talk was electric and I could tell from the students faces that he made a huge impact. Prior to his lecture, I joined Michael in creating a short video about a re-entry program we are developing in Stockton, CA. For those who have interest, I attach the YouTube link.


With Michael’s release I am excited to keep moving the foundation forward. I will continue to share updates as they develop.

Justin Paperny


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