When I first arrived at Camp Fed, 9/1/15, many moons ago, I was in shock, a deer in the headlights is not apt enough to describe how I must’ve appeared, forget about how I felt.  A very kind gentleman took me under his wing for the first several days, showing me where to go for food, the camp grounds and the basics of Camp life and behavior.  I don’t think I could have made it through those first several days with out his guidance and support.  One of the first things he told me was how quickly and easily my six months would go, “you can do it standing on your head” and I was incredulous to say the least.  But then he told me how he looked at the time he had to serve, it was all about two seasons, football and baseball.  The Nfl season started a week after I got here and he explained that before I knew it it would be Super Bowl and February, “and pow, you’re home”.  I wish I could say that was all 100% true but in looking back it has gone quicker than I thought possible and it has not been the complete horror show I imagined it would be, more like a bad recurring dream I’ll wake up from soon.  I thank my benefactor all the time and I try and do the same for the new :caught in the headlights” guys coming in.   Go Broncos!

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