So I have 27 days before liftoff and I’ve been thinking about a few things concerning my departure and what I would like to do first.  It seems this is a moving target and every day it changes, so today I can’t stop thinking about a Starbucks venti non fat latte and a slice of pecan pie and vanilla ice cream.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I just had an email from a friend and he and I have had a long correspondence since I’m in here, I will say that he, more than anyone else has been a constant connection to the outside, a true friend in every sense of the word and I want to thank him very much, so thanks so much Fred.  I bring this up because his emails have been funny, thought provoking, anger raising, concerned, reality based, fantasy based, all over the map but most importantly consistently there.  I must say that the contact with friends and family is so vital to us who are incarcerated, it really keeps us sane and grounded and gives us the perspective we need to get through all of this.  The other thing I noticed is that many people are well meaning and have the best intentions but they drop off the radar after a very short amount of time.  I have only been in 5 months and I see it, it began after only 2 months, I cant imagine what happens after a year, or 2 or three.  So for those who do read my blog and have people in jail, please remember that we need the contact, we need the dialogue and we all need you, so stay in touch, it does make a difference

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