The First Two Weeks in Pensacola.

Transferring to a new prison is like moving to a new city where you do not know anyone. My response to the situation has been to lay back and observe my new surroundings and the people who inhabit it. I causally look for like minded individuals who share similar interests and values. I make it a point to eat with different people at every meal. That way, you meet several new people each day. To be honest, I have found it somewhat difficult to find folks who share common interests with me in prison. In addition, almost all of the friendships you establish in prison are short term as they will terminate upon your release. I find it difficult to invest allot of time and energy into a friendship that is going to terminate in the near future.

We had a special Holiday meal on Memorial Day. Cheeseburgers, fries, salad, chocolate cake and ice cream. It was the best meal I have ever had in prison! The pint of “Dove” brand ice cream was over the top. I was wondering why the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) spent money on Dove premium brand ice cream for prisoners? I was also thinking the general public would be upset and assume we were being pampered if they knew what we had for desert. However, there was no need for the public to be concerned about wasting tax dollars. I inspected the label of my pint of ice cream and discovered that the expiration date was January of 2014. Apparently, The BOP buys out of date food products at a deep discount from various vendors. The expired ice cream tasted fine so I hope the BOP continues to buy ice cream from this particular vendor.

I am in limbo status until I attend A&O. (admission and orientation). Everyone who arrives at the compound must go to A&O before they are assigned a real job on the compound. In the interim, I am doing landscaping work around the camp. Not very exciting, but at least I am outdoors.

Also, the calendar has flipped to the month of June. One month closer to the door.

Ken Flaska

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