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Blog Entry 39

March 31, 2015

Is technology allowing us to be more connected with each other or is it actually disconnecting us from one another? While technology is great for helping us keep in touch with friends and family across the globe, I fear it may be distancing us from the ones we are in closest proximity to.

Having been removed from pretty much all digital technology (besides the antiquated email system we have here) I have come to realize the dependence we all have on technology. Writing letters is a lost art form because for most it is easier to just send a quick email.

What an effective yet impersonal way to communicate. Why take the time to go out to the store to purchase a card when you can just send an e-card from the comfort of your own home.

Digital technology has just made everything so easy that it has become an addiction for many. Now, I’m sure the fact that I’m in prison has amplified my feelings toward the issue, but I feel it’s worth a thought next time we reach for the computer instead of a pencil and paper.

What happened to an old-fashioned telephone call to just check in with a friend? Now it’s, “Oh, I’ll send him a text and see what’s up”. Being away from everything has allowed me to see the value of technology as well as the negative aspects that come along with it.

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