The Naked Truth!

A little excitement occurred on the compound this week. A new guy came on the bus several weeks ago. (buses come and go with prisoners every two weeks) He complained that the medical staff had refused to continue the medication he was on for mental health purposes. A couple of days ago, this prisoner went out to the far side of the recreation yard. He calmly removed all of his clothes and left them folded on a bench. He then walked back to the entrance of the recreation yard, stark naked!

A corrections officer walked him back to his clothes, had him dress, and sent him to the S.H.U. (special housing unit). was circulating rumors that He did it intentionally so He could get transferred back to his old institution. Who knows?

The weather has been pleasant over the past week. I love it. It allows me to spend time outdoors and away from my 7 x 10 foot cube.

I am also in the process of finding a new barber. My old barber got sent to the S.H.U. Just like the real world, I am asking my fellow inmates for a barber referral. I sure miss Angie who cut my hair for many years back home in Michigan.

I am hoping to get the opportunity to transfer to a Camp in the not so distant future. The paperwork for a transfer can take some time. I want to go to a camp because I am told the atmosphere is more relaxed and I can get a full-time job that allows me to earn enough money to cover my financial needs in prison. To be quite frank, I do not enjoy asking my wife (or anyone else) to put money on my books so I can buy hygiene products and additional protein to supplement my diet. My wife is working hard enough to support herself in my absence. Just another consequence of my poor choices.
Ken Flaska

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