November 6, 2014

The Practical Stuff From Federal Prison

There are various nuances associated with communicating with a prisoner and visiting with a prisoner in the Federal Prison System. I hope this blog helps my friends and others understand the process.

Anyone can send a letter to a prisoner. My address is as follows:

Kenneth Flaska 50000-039

FSL, unit b

2600 highway 301 South

Jesup, Georgia 31599

If you want to send “hate mail”, send it somewhere else! I already know had badly I have screwed up!

If you want to visit me, you have to fill out a visitor information form “BP-5629.052” which can be found on the BOP website. This form must be mailed to my Counselor at the following address at least 3 weeks prior to any visit.

Mallard, unit B

FSL- Jesup

2600 Highway 301 South

Jesup, Georgia 31599

I can send mail to you if you are on my approved contacts list. To put you on the list, you have to mail me your address, email address and phone number.

Email is the cheapest way to communicate in prison. However, it takes a bit of work .The prison email system does not allow for direct email exchanges. All emails go through “Corrlinks”, a website that you can log on to on the net. You have to create an account which takes a couple of minutes to do. The biggest problem with “corrlinks” is the fact that you will not know if I sent you an email unless you log on to the site. You can fix this problem by signing up for “Corrlinks Premium Account” which costs a few bucks a year. If you are going to communicate with a prisoner on a regular basis, the premium account is clearly the way to go. Just like mail, You need to be on my approved contacts list to be able to send and receive emails.

Limited telephone communication is also allowed. A prisoner receives 300 minutes per month which averages to less than 10 minutes per day! It is also expensive. Prisoners can only make outgoing calls. When a call is initiated, it appears as “unknown” on the recipients screen. Once again, you need to be on my approved contacts list in order for me to call you.

I look forward to communicating with everyone. It is clearly one of the greatest pleasures a prisoner can experience.

Also, if you would like to visit, I would love to see you.

Ken Flaska

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