January 1, 2013

A month ago, I attended a networking event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The event was sponsored by The Private Bank of California, and managed by Carl Terzian, a legend in the public relations business. This event is different from other cheesy networking events that are full of self-promotional business people sharing corny cliches about how their product or whatever they sell is the best in the world. This event differed because rather just focusing on our business, we were asked to share our “back of the card” story. I heard incredible people open up about the charities they give so much time to, or the efforts a mother and father have made to raise twin boys who have autism. This group inspired me, and I consider it a privilege to be in the early stages of forming friendships with many of them. Carl has invited me to another event at the Hilton on January 25. I am excited to go back!

While I have made connections with a number of people from the event, recently I received a referral from someone I did not speak with during or after the event. A sports agent called me because he heard from someone in the networking group that, “My story could be benefical to him, his partners and his clients”. I was invited to their office to share my story, and offer tips on how to hire a successful money manager. I accepted, and will bring with me a list of advisors I deem honest, ethical. I will also leave each person in the audience with an autographed copy of Lessons From Prison & Ethics in Motion.

I welcome new opportunities to contribute and give back. Rather than speaking theoretically (like too many of my colleagues), my lectures are practical, experience based. The evaluations I continue to receive–from organizers and members in the audience–proves my practical approach on teaching ethics is better and the impact is longer lasting than those that only tell people what codes or principles they should follow.

My best to all for a healthy and happy 2013.


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