Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thirty-One Days Until My Release From Taft Federal Prison Camp

Finally, I’m in my last full month of this year that I’ve served in confinement.   Although I’ve been writing a daily blog since last summer, I haven’t revealed all that I’ve been working on.  I’ve been waiting for my final month of confinement before I would allow myself to spring the good news on my readers.

I’ve  written a book and the publisher will release it in May.  I’ve titled the book Lessons From Prison.  The project has been incredibly fulfilling for me, and extremely therapeutic.  A friend of mine here at Taft Camp, Michael Santos, has authored several books.   He encouraged me to write out my experiences and convinced me that I could see this project through.

Each morning I woke early to work on the manuscript.  Michael sat with me at the same table working on his own writing projects, and whenever I needed some guidance he lent a helping hand. I’m very grateful for his collaboration and for his encouragement to persevere.

I’m also incredibly grateful to my mother who worked diligently to type each page of the manuscript.  The book exceeds 50,000 words, as it tells the story of my childhood, my career as a stockbroker, and my time in prison.  I provide the details of my fraud. I also describe the steps I am taking to redeem myself for the role I played in facilitating a Ponzi scheme.

My hopes are that readers will find some value in reading about the journey.  It is not only a story of my life, but also a story about redemption.  I help readers understand how my values began to change as I entered the career of money management.  Without a strong moral compass to guide my actions, I easily crossed the line from unethical behavior to behavior that violated criminal laws.

Readers will learn about my experiences of proceeding through the criminal justice system, and how I found new meaning in my life through this prison term.  Lessons From Prison will be of great value to people who anticipate a possible imbroglio with the Department of Justice, to lawyers who advise clients on the consequences of straying from ethical guidelines, to human resource departments who train staff on ethical compliance issues, to professors who teach business ethics, and to readers who have an interest in America’s prison system.  In subsequent blogs, I’ll reveal my marketing plans.

It is never too late to start preparing…Download Lessons From Prison Now to discover what is truly possible in federal prison.

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