This Week in Jesup.

The finger I had surgery on is very stiff. I am working with an old handball to exercise it to gain some range of motion. You work out your own physical therapy plan in prison.

Tonight they had a post production party for the cast of the holiday play. They set it up like an Academy Awards Show. They had nominations for various categories; best actress, best actor, best supporting actor, best costume design, etc. They read the nominations and opened envelopes with the winner’s names. (Price Waterhouse did not confirm the results). One of the artistic prisoners created cardboard Oscars to present to the winners. The acceptance speeches were quite humorous. (You really like me?) Unfortunately, while I did receive a nomination for best supporting actress (I was a female witch), I did not receive an award. Alas, I wrote my acceptance speech for naught. The bottom line is we had a little bit of fun in prison that helped a number of people forget where they were for a few hours. We also managed to entertain the compound in the process.

It is in the 30’s in the evenings in Jesup and the dorm is very cold. I am sleeping in sweatpants and a sweatshirt as the two thin blankets we receive simply do not cut it.

I heard a guy listening to an old Rolling Stones song “Jumpin Jack Flash” earlier today. It made me think about driving home from work and listening to the radio and unwinding to a tune I really enjoyed. Just another simple moment I took for granted all of the time.

Ken Flaska

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