This Week in Jesup

A guy on my floor is leaving this week. The other day we were discussing the fact that He was a “short timer” (Less than 30 days to the door). He told Me “He was shorter than a midget in quicksand wearing lead boots”. Not politically correct, but funny all the same.

The tragedy of my week was losing my scissors. They were left behind by my old Cellie and I used them to clip articles of interest related to future possibilities once I leave prison. Scissors are a rare commodity because you can no longer purchase them at the commissary in Jesup. I searched my cube (all 7 by 10 feet), high and low, to no avail. In the real world, losing a 2 inch pair of blunt nosed scissors is something I would never think about. In prison, it is a big deal! Just goes to show how my perceptions and values have modified by incarceration.

I have received a number of kind letters from friends over the holidays. I appreciate each and every one. I am working on my snail mail replies this week so watch your mailboxes! In a few months (God willing), I will reach the alleged halfway point of my sentence. The other prisoners tell me that my time will move faster once I have climbed the mountain and I am heading down the other side. I hope they are right!

Trying to stay warm in Jesup.

Ken Flaska

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