May 11, 2014

What are the top 5 Jobs in Federal Prison?

One that requires very little work is the answer I usually give when asked about the top 5 jobs in prison. Why? The goal in prison is to get your life back together and to prepare for a much richer life upon release. To do that, you must wake early, read extensively, write prolifically, and think constantly. Throwing in a couple of hours physical fitness a day is also a good idea.

Too many men prefer to work in jobs that keep them busy. That busyness keeps them distracted from the reality of their life and the myriad challenges that await their release. In a later blog I will write about the top 5 jobs that prisoners choose just to stay busy. For now, let me post what I believe to be the best 5 jobs in federal prison.

1) Orderly

2) Librarian

3) Mopping the floors in chow hall

4) Checking out sporting equipment

5) Emptying garbage in administrators offices–takes about 5 seconds.

For those that want to work to better themselves on the inside I encourage you to pursue some of the positions mentioned above. For those that are wondering, working in positions #1 & #3 made up about 66% of my work experience at Taft Federal Prison Camp. The balance was spent in the kitchen.

Justin Paperny

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