September 10, 2014

As a result of my crime, I was sentenced to a mandatory term of five years, without the possibility of parole or an early judicial release. Half way through my five year sentence I discovered that I am however eligible for T.C. which stands for Transitional Control. Transitional Control is the release from prison to a halfway house, in my case I can be released as early as six months prior to the date of my release. Being eligible for T.C. means that I have already been approved by the prison. Now I just have to be approved by my judge and this is by far an easy task. The judge that oversees my case is very well known for being one of the worst; they call her “The Hammer” for the lengthy sentences that she often hands out to convicted criminals. When I was in court, at the time of my sentencing the judge compared me to a murderer and stated that she would have given me a much lengthier sentence if there wasn’t an agreement in place between the prosecution and the defense attorneys. Fortunately I have many good things going for me. I have done many things with the Straight A program, I’ve adhered to commitment to maintaining my blog, holding myself accountable to each and every day in prison, I have an untarnished record as a model inmate, quickly progressing through security levels, from a 3, to a 2 and now currently at a level one, minimum level security inmate. I’ve taken several different classes to improve the quality of my life and learn whatever I can in order to secure the success of my future, attaining many certificates that were not necessary requirement that usually goes hand in hand with inmates attempting to look good for the parole board. And now I’m working hard to attain a master certification in horticulture. All of these things I’ve taken on as an inmate to improve my life and future. Surely the judge will take these things into consideration when reviewing my case and granting my opportunity for T.C.. Generally, at least the majority of the time I’m told that if an inmate is approved by the prison for T.C., then the judge will likely follows that recommendation. Fingers Crossed

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