Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twenty days until my release from prison, and, oh, what a release it will be!  I’m not referring to walking out of prison.  That will certainly come.  I’m talking about the release of all that has been building up within me through one year of abstinence.  I’m looking forward to the release that keeps a young  man alive.

But how am I to find it?  I’m a 34 year old single man in tip-top physical shape.  The year I served in a minimum security federal prison for a single count of securities fraud has been productive, as I described in my book, Lessons From Prison.  Still, it has been a year without a single encounter with the fairer gender.  I certainly miss the scent of a woman.  In previous blog entries, from Valentine’s Day and from last New Year’s eve, I discussed longings for a stable, committed relationship.  But who will be the one to welcome me home?  That is the question.

Briefly, by way of background, I graduated form USC, built a thriving career as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns and UBS, then struggled through some problems with the SEC that led to my confinement at Taft Federal Prison Camp. My current occupation, temporary though it may be, requires that I sweep and mop floors of the Delta Housing Unit at Taft.  Upon my release on 20 May 2009, I expect to build a career in speaking and consulting.

Bottom line, I’m looking to meet the woman to whom I’ll pledge my life.  I’ve set a goal to find her before the end of 2009, though that may prove to be a bit of a challenge.  I’m hoping to strike some interest through this personal ad, and through my own Web site. If you have an affinity for conversation, dining, fitness, and no aversion to a recently released federal prisoner, shoot me an email. Have an open mind.  Reach out!

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