Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twenty-Six Days Until My Release From Taft Federal Prison Camp

I want to spend the rest of my life helping as many people as possible reach their highest potential.  In my book, Lessons From Prison, I describe the poor decisions that led to my troubles with the criminal justice system.  The real value in what I offer however, comes from the reflection that came with 12 months of sleeping on a steel rack.  The lessons I learned and the information I shared through the book offer insight that will serve as much more than a guide through prison. My hopes are that those lessons will help readers and those from my audience long before they struggle through the criminal justice system.  By sharing what I’ve learned, I hope to help others grasp the tangible benefits that come with leading a values-based existence.

To that end, I expect to approach business organizations and other employers or community groups.  No one expects that they will see their name as a defendant in a criminal complaint.  Through speeches I’d like to deliver to more general adult audiences, meaning those not enmeshed in struggles with the criminal justice system, I can provide a real human element to lessons on ethics.  Besides sharing what I’ve experienced, I’d like to tell those groups what I learned from others.  To that end, I draft a sample of the type of letter I intend to send:

“Dear (Contact at Organization):

My name is Justin Paperny and I’d like to present you a copy of my book, Lessons From Prison. My hopes are that the book will intrigue you enough to accept a meeting with me, as I feel confident that I can add value to (name of organization).  Please allow this brief introduction:

After graduating as a student-athlete from the University of Southern California, I began a career as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns and UBS.  I managed hundreds of millions in investor assets. I also facilitated a Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors out of millions.  Those bad decisions led to my 18-month prison term on a conviction for securities fraud.

Having come from an affluent background, I grew up with a strong work ethic and solid American values.  As a professional in the financial services sector, however, I lost my way.  The lessons I have learned through this difficult journey have helped me recalibrate my life.  I faced the depths, though perseverance enabled me to confront the adversity and emerge stronger.  I’d appreciate an opportunity of speaking with you to show the ways that my presentation can help employees appreciate the importance of making values-based decisions.

These courses may comply with some of your corporate training requirements, and they certainly will inspire those who attend my presentation to make values-based decisions.  I will contact you on ____________to find out whether your schedule can accommodate me.


Justin Paperny”

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