Monday, April 27, 2009

Twenty-Two Days Until My Release From Taft Federal Prison Camp

One year ago today I was playing golf with a few close friends, lamenting over the unfairness of my imminent self-surrender to prison.  Those were difficult hours, knowing that the following day I would be walking into the depths of a federal prison.  I wish that I had had more guidance about what to expect, and that was the reason I wrote Lessons From Prison.  I’m certain the book will be of assistance to others.

Now I have one full year of prison behind me in the bank, so to speak.  The time has passed and I will soon return home to the embrace of my loving family and friends.  I feel optimistic about the contributions I will be able to make to others, and continue to think of steps I can take to expand my reach.  I certainly should make efforts to introduce my work to journalists.  They may like stories to apprise citizens about the consequences that follow criminal convictions and I feel strongly that I can contribute as a source.  By sending letters like the one I’m drafting below, I hope to meet with a few journalists and contribute to their work.

“Dear (name of journalist):

My name is Justin Paperny and I am the author of Lessons From Prison. I enclose a copy of my book and urge you to review more of my work at

I am a graduate of the University of the University of Southern California and a former stockbroker, previously employed at Bear Stearns and UBS.  After a conviction for securities fraud, I served one year in federal prison.

Through Lessons From Prison, I strive to provide readers with insight as to how straying from ethical values-based decisions can lead to personal debacle.  Further, I bring readers through all the intricacies of the criminal justice system, including prison adjustment.  Please know that I make myself available as a source you may rely upon for timely and accurate information  Should you have a story with which I can provide assistance, please contact me at (818) 424-2220.


Justin Paperny”

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