Well, March is almost over. A new month begins, and I am one month closer to the door.
I received a surprising note yesterday from an attorney who opposed me in litigation involving a family business dispute between a grandfather and his grandson that I handled several years ago. It was a very heated case. Emotions were running very high between the parties and the attorneys. My client, the grandfather felt betrayed by his grandson who failed to pay for a business the grandfather sold him at a deep discount. (No good deed goes unpunished?). I immediately connected with the Grandfather and wanted to make sure He was treated fairly. We fought like cats and dogs and the case was finally resolved in a reasonable fashion. My client was pleased. The attorney on the other side (We will call her Jill) was a worthy adversary and a true pain in the butt. (I suspect she felt the same way about me.)

Despite our adversarial relationship. she took the time to drop me a positive note years later. She stated “never in a million years would I believe that I would be sending a friendly letter to you”. She wished me good luck and said the “past is the past”. It was an unexpected pick me up from an old adversary and I truly appreciated it.
Thank you Jill!

Ken Flaska

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