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Blog Entry 41

April 2, 2015

The experiences I’ve had throughout the last two and half years have greatly increased my ability to adapt to life’s many curveballs. Not only will these experiences help me in my personal life, but I know they will help me in my career as well.

Since the moment of my arrest I vowed to make a positive change in my life. I set out to go to college for the first time at age 30 to get a degree in business. I wasted no time and within weeks of my arrest I was enrolled in college and working full time, all while awaiting sentencing.

During probably the most stressful and uncertain time in my life I somehow managed to find a way to channel my energy into a positive outcome. I completed my college courses with straight As and was promoted after only a few months at my new job. Ultimately, I was sentenced to two years in prison and forced to leave school and my job.

But due to my resilience and ability to adapt, I did not let that stop me from working toward my educational goal. I’m nearing the end of my second semester of correspondence school at Taft College with straight As. I made honors last semester and I will accept nothing less this semester. After my release, I will be only a few credits short of my degree which I will obtain when I get back to San Diego.

I have let nothing stand in the way of my goals and I will continue to carry the same mentality for all my future goals. If prison couldn’t stop me, nothing will!

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