This week in Jesup.

Our unit is full again. Apparently, there is no shortage of individuals committing federal crimes? A full unit means longer waits in the bathroom and for the showers. The noise level also elevates with an increasing number of prisoners. In the past, this would have irritated me. Now, I simply accept that this is my temporary way of life over which I have no control. I simply deal with it and go on about my day.

A friend sent me the book “The Martian”. It was a fun read. It told the story of how a stranded astronaut survived under difficult circumstances. To my surprise, on the day I finished the book, it was announced that the Saturday night movie was “The Martian” starring Matt Damon. It was a treat to read the book and see the movie back to back in the same week. Most of the movies we watch in jesup are “B” type films. It is hard to complain because the admission price is right (nothing) and watching them kills a couple of hours of time.

No news on my transfer request but the wheels of a federal institution do not move at the pace I want them to move at.

There are wild turkeys outside the fence these days and they are fun to watch. (Turkey watching is a new pastime for me. OMG, is this what my life has become?)

Many thanks to everyone who has sent cards, letters and books. It feels great to be remembered.

Watching turkeys in Georgia.

Ken Flaska

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