This Week in Jesup.

The last thing my friend at CNBC asked Me about were my attempts to transfer to a minimum security institution. His question came at an opportune time. I just received notice that I will be transferring to Pensacola Federal prison Camp in the near future. There will be some stops along the way but I hope to be there by mid May. I will get the opportunity to experience what other prisoners call “Diesel Therapy”, which is riding on a diesel bus in leg chains and handcuffs for hours. I will let you know how that goes.

My upcoming transfer is not the best news I received this week. The best news I received had to do with my son. He had been experiencing significant pain in his leg and back for over a year. The problem was finally diagnosed several weeks ago. He had a tumor on his spine that was pinching nerves and causing pain and weakness. He had spinal surgery several days ago and the problem was corrected.

I cannot tell you how relived I am that He is on the mend. I felt totally useless when I learned about my son’s medical issue. All I could do was offer words of support. Prison does place a significant restriction on your ability to be a parent. In the next few days I will pack up my meager possessions into a box and the box will be forwarded to Pensacola Federal Prison Camp. Everything I own fits into a single cardboard box (hard to believe). On the bright side, I do not have the burden or the responsibility of taking care of material possessions which was a complicated task in my prior life. It has been a good week. I have been blessed two-fold.

P.S. Now that my Son’s surgery has gone well, I can tell him the joke I heard in a movie over the weekend. A Father brings a nasty, dirty dog home as a gift for his kids. His ex-wife is quite apprehensive. The kids ask the dog’s name. Dad responds, “I call him Tumor because He grows on you”.

I will post my new address when I figure out what it is.

Ken Flaska

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