This Week in Jesup.

I have requested a transfer to a Federal prison camp. I am told that camps are nicer than a regular prison. I am qualified under prison regulations to transfer but I am taking nothing for granted. I dealt with the federal government in my prior career and I have learned that patience is a virtue.

I had my annual medical checkup this week. It lasted 6 1/2 minutes. (I timed it). My physical health is fine except I have low iron in my blood . The Doctor suggested it was simply caused by old age. I suggested it was caused by my low protein diet. He begrudgingly agreed. I asked about an iron supplement and He said we would consider that at some time in the future, I suspect my iron level will remain low as my diet is not going to change. I would simply buy an iron supplement but they do not sell them at the commissary. How do you increase you iron level?

I had my teeth cleaned this week! It had been 18 months since my last cleaning. (the fur is gone). It was great. The hygienist was kind and professional. I sat in the dental chair, closed my eyes and imagined I was back in my old dentist’s office with my hygienist Jennifer cleaning my teeth. My mind left prison for the next 45 minutes. When I left, I thanked the hygienist and told her it was one of the few times I have felt like a human being since I entered prison. I do not remember being excited about going to the dentist in the past? Small pleasures are big things in prison.

Ken Flaska

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