I was just sitting at my bunk and thinking what I would eat this evening for dinner, the thought of going into the dinning hall for the food is out of the question.  Actually, five or more nights a week the menu is not human friendly.  My stomach and I have found over the past 4+ months does not tolerate the meat dishes, the prison concoctions that are cooked up several nights a week, most of the soups, almost all of the fried foods, so I’m left with only the canned vegetables, the occasional lettuce, the occasional edible piece of fruit, the occasional baked potato and a chicken dish once a week.  It’s no mystery that i have lost 50+ pounds in here.  Now, however, is the challenge not to lose more, so I have to find healthy foods from the commissary.  I am lucky enough to get money every month from my wife so i can find some what healthy foods, tuna in a bag, salmon in a bag, nuts, raisin bran but what about the guys who don’t.  They are left to fend for themselves and make do.  I just deleted a few lines about what i feel should be done but I will not go into that right now.  But food and health are issues in prison and I think they could be handled far better than they are.

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