While reading in the prison library a couple of months ago, I came upon the book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith. This wonderful book has had a significant impact on my prison term.

Goldsmith, who is one of the world’s top business coaches, wrote about different skill sets executives had to develop in order to reach the highest levels of their profession. Aggressive, competitive instincts could contribute to a successful career in sales, though the executive who aspired to world-class leadership would have to motivate entire teams and ensure the enterprise reached, or preferably, exceeded its stated goals.

Those who have to endure a prison term can benefit from the same advice. The strategies necessary to advance through the difficult first months of confinement should transition into strategies that will ensure the individual concludes his term in the strongest possible position.

Unfortunately, few prisoners with whom I serve time grasp this concept. In order to cope with confinement, they devote themselves to activities that will not have much of a relationship to the challenges that await them upon release. I feel that prisoners have a duty to anticipate the challenges ahead. Those who make adjustments and develop skills that will facilitate the life they intend to leave upon release, position themselves for success.

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