March 3, 2015

In addition to working as a prison consultant and online trainer, I do still enjoy speaking about ethics and white-collar crime. Below is some feedback from my presentation in New York.

Dear Mr. Paperny,

On behalf of the IMCA Specialty Conference Committee and staff, thank you for participating in IMCA’s 2015 New York Consultants Conference. We’ve received very positive feedback from the conference attendees on the quality of the program, and your time and commitment is certainly a factor.

Below is your session evaluation scores and comments. The scores are on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest and the average speaker score was 4.06. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

General Session 7: Lessons Learned from Prison (Ethics), Justin Paperny

Content was of value. 4.19
Overall Presentation. 4.19


1 Very brave and stand up individual, it is good that he is taking advantage of his second chance
2 Excellent….Sobering
3 Very impactful.
4 Interesting anecdotes from a convicted felon.
5 Nothing new for those who stay within compliance.
6 Great way to make a dry topic interesting.
7 Great and unique approach.
8 Ethics is a tough topic to do well. I thought what he said was valuable.
9 Compelling
10 Good job.
11 Scary.
12 Eye opening and valuable lesson.
13 Passionate speaker.
14 Great speaker!
15 A perfect way to end the conference- after all, there is no point applying any of the material learned if one is not going to be ethical in their practice!
16 He was a great speaker and his story was insightful. Thanks for bringing him.
17 Very brave.
18 We need more stories like this/examples. Great speaker – the best one!
19 Very good talk.
20 Good perspective!
21 Outstanding heartfelt delivery of tough story.
22 Terrific!
23 Excellent presentation! This was most worthwhile of the conference.
24 Hmm? Food for thought.
25 Great ethics session, wish they were all this good.
26 Young broker story. Not a good fit for experienced advisor audience.
27 Awful story. Hopefully this guy is rehabilitated.
28 Interesting. Eye-opening.
29 Great ethics lesson. Need more like this. Reminders and examples of what not to do.
30 Great lessons! Thank you for transparent comments.
31 One of the best ethics sessions and presenters I have seen in all of my IMCA conferences.
32 Poignant. It’s easy to slip over the line and it’s good to be reminded about how easy.
33 Doesn’t sound very repentant and still seems to believe any of us would act the same.
34 Appreciate that the committee looks for interesting Ethics speakers. I hope they continue to find interesting speakers instead of the BORING ones we have had in the past.
35 Very dynamic speaker
36 Interesting. However, not speaking to the right audience. Should be talking to folks entering the business. FAs with CIMA and the like are not likely to need this.
37 Always a compelling presenter in this spot @ NYC. Maybe unfortunate that this spot is so reliably filled but lessons presented are illuminating and hopefully preventative for some.
38 Couldn’t relate to it at all. Just stupid decisions. What he didn’t say was if he even played at USC. Non-scholarship athlete etc. Sorry for him and his family but it’s hard work to get where they are….
39 He was a great speaker and how he shared what he did and how it could happen was really well done.
40 He didn’t bring his story full circle of how to be on the lookout for signs of ethical lapses. He really was a whiner and a blamer and his acts were criminal. It wasn’t ethical issues that led him to the poor choices he made, they were criminal. I would change his topic to not what we could do but what OSJ’s and supervisors should look out for.

Many Thanks!

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