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Blog Entry 34

March 26, 2015

One of the hardest things to do while in prison is to not give up.

I’m constantly surrounded by people who have either given up or given out. Many seem to have lost their way and have no idea where they’re headed. They have lost touch with the real world and prison has become the only thing they know.

I fear for these men when they are released back into society; what will become of them? They have spent a portion of their lives in prison, whether it be one year or twenty. And many have simply wasted that part of their lives. Often times I wish I could say to them that they are not going to be able to act the way they do in here when they get out. But it is not my place.

There have been plenty of days throughout this journey when I too have just wanted to give up. Many a time has my alarm gone off and I thought to myself, “Man, it would be nice to just stay in bed for a few more hours; everyone else does it every day so it won’t hurt if I do it once.”

But I know one day will turn into two and two will turn into ten. And for that exact reason I have not let one day slip by. I gather my strength and start each day as the one before, with one foot in front of the other and my head held high.

No matter what life has in store for me after prison, at least I can be proud of the things I have accomplished with my time. When people ask me about serving time, I can honestly tell them that I didn’t serve time – time served me.

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