As I come to the end of my term here I have found that the days are getting longer and longer, I know I’ve written about this phenomenon before but now it is really kicking in.  I think being asked all the time by a bunch of my fellow inmates how many days do I have left and getting the well wishers is getting to me.  I have also noticed that my short period of time is generating some resent from some inmates too, jealousy I think, and this tends to be uncomfortable to be around.  I understand it completely, I have always been here as a “short timer” and the guys here for more than a few years have a right to be resentful.  there really isn’t anything I can say so I never bring up what I have left, the people around me do.  I have asked many to stop asking saying it makes me uncomfortable to discuss.  So I have to try and do my own thing more and keep to myself as well.  It’s not easy sometimes to be almost out of here but thank goodness I am and I don’t feel bad about getting out at all. the sooner the better is all I can say.

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